Nicte Ha






Nicte Ha is one of the most romantic cenote and is located within the park Dos ojos. It is decorated with beautiful underwater flowers, land has lots of fish and turtles.

You can use one of the two platforms with stairs to enter the water.


In front of the left platform you will find deeper parts that will take you in darker depths. I would not recommend you to experiment with swimming in this part because the current can always pull you into the cave. However, in the end of these stairs you will discover an amazing amount of small and medium fish, with different colors. It feels like swimming in a fish tank.

When you are swimming in area of the bigger platform, you will have the filling you are in a huge underwater garden with a lot of flowers. At the end of the main stairs, you will also find a rope that represents the kind of fence. You should not go behind, to preserve the plant world that is there.

Take a look on this VIDEO



They don’t provide you snorkeling equipment, only life jacket. Here you can't use fins since they have to protect the flowers.

Cost is 100 pesos per person.

Hour: 8am to 5pm

Bring your towels and repellent. Please don't use repellent or sun block before you go to the water since affects the underwater world.

Bring your GoPro, and you will thank me later 🙂