Dos Ojos




In the Dos ojos park, you will find cenotes: El Pit, Jaguar, Dos ojos, Nicte Ha and Misterio Maya.

The Park is located on the highway Playa del Carmen-Tulum, just 15min from Tulum.

This cenote consists of two parts. Ojo uno -  represents smaller part of this complex, and here you can swim, snorkel and enjoy in the beauty of this place, while watching divers explore dipper parts of the cave.

The water here is so clear that you don’t have the feeling that it is about 5m deep (in some parts even deeper)

After this the guide will take you to the secound part: Ojo dos. The entrance to this part is bigger and water is deeper. The guide will takes a small group through the narrow parts of the cave, and in the end you will go out trought another side and a different entrance.

While you are snorkeling in the cave, you will have the opportunity to see stalactites and stalagmites. You will get a lamp that will help you to discover beautiful mysterious landscapes of this underwater world.

Once you finish a tour, you will have free time, so you can go to swim again, just like we did since we wanted to take as many pictures we could.

Cenote Dos Ojos

I’ll throw in a little secret. My family and very close friends, know that I have fobia of putting my head under the water. I was so enchanted by this place that, with the supervision of my fiancé ( since I already had panic attacks before) I consciously dived into the water. Its something I cant explain with  words. You have to see it by yourself. Ever since, we got addicted to cenotes.


Before it was open to the public, Dos ojos was visited by researchers who discovered the remains of prehistoric animals as well as various evidence of the presence of man, such as cave paintings that experienced divers can still see today.

In January 2018, there has been great discovery. After ten months of research, divers managed to find a connection between the two largest underwater cave systems: Dos ojos and Sac Actun. Thanks to this discovery, this underwater cave system has become the world's largest and reaching 347km in length.


Price range: to just swim in Dos ojos you will have to pay 350 pesos. However I would recommend you to take a tour for 600 pesos per person and get a complete tour, with all the snorkeling equipment, that will take you inside of the cave.

If you are claustrophobic, do not do the guided tour.

The tour includes snorkeling equipment and a life jacket, but you can also ask for a watersuit that will protect you from very cold cenote water.

Bring towel and repellent.