Cenote Aktun zots is less known amoung tourists, and locals for two reasons: until recently, it was reserved exclusively for the use of a local tourist company, and it is also one hour away from Tulum and two hours from Playa del Carmen.

How to get to Cenote Aktun Zots: 

If you decide to visit this cenote, please follow these instructions.

When you are on the way to Coba from Tulum, you will reach the section where the road is bumpy. Instead of turning left towards Coba, turn right instead. On the way to the small village Tres Reyes (in front of which is the path for cenote) you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, rainforests, and lagoons along this road.

Just before entering the small village of Tres Reyes, on the left side you will see the inscription and path that will take you to the cenote.

This cenote is more like a cave with two holes at the top. 

I'm not brave enough to jump from here. Are you?

To reach the water, only one of the caves, had wooden stairs, while the other is perfect for jumps.

While you are going down the stairs, you will enjoy the mystic walls of stalactite, while bats are flying around you. Or maybe you won’t 🙂 

In some places, this cenote reaches a depth of twenty meters, which affects the visibility of the water. This time around I stayed dry, since the water was to dark for me, sitting comfortably on the steps, watching my husband and his friend practicing apnea. 

After a while, I decided to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the nature that is surrounding this place. All you could hear were birds singing. During the walk, I discovered another cenote nearby. But this one was not for swimming because it was inhabited by crocodiles.


Cost was only 70 pesos.

Hours: from 9am to 4pm

Bring your own snorkeling equipment because here you won't find anything.

Also, bring some water and sweets because here you won't find any store close.

Please don't use sunblock or repellent before you go to water, it is affecting the underwater world.

The beauty of this place you can check on VIDEO

In this one you don't want to swim. Or you may hang out with crocodiles