About Me


I grew up in a small town in Serbia and up until I was 19 my life was the life of an average teenage girl: school, college, a broken heart, parties, a few short trips around my country…noting worth mentioning. But then in 2004, I found a love that changed the course of my life. I read a book on Mayan and Aztec culture and history which moved me so much that I had to know more! I had to keep reading and researching about this far land and all of it’s history. And so, I fell in love with Mexico, even before I visited!

For a long time, my family couldn’t understand my obsession with this country, they thought it was a faze and that I will move past it like teenage girls do.

One day I found the information that the biggest earthquake in Mexican history hit Mexico City on 19th of September, 1985, the day I was born. I took this information like a sign. I had a connection with this land, it felt a calling towards it, it was destiny…. I had to move to Mexico!

In September 2011 I made my dream come true! I found a company I liked in Playa del Carmen, a city I loved and I contacted them to ask for an interview. Nervous to have the fate of my dreams decided over Skype, I still managed to pull myself together and get the job. The road to my dream wasn’t easy but it was all worth it. After that my life changed up side down.

I was here, in the land of my dreams. Exploring the cities I’ve read about, Mayan and Aztec archaeological sites, natural wonders and living one big adventure.

Now Im living in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya) and it’s a great pleasure to share with you all the discoveries, the experience and the lessons I’ve learned thus far.

I hope you join me on this adventure and let me help you explore all the wonders of this great country I’m proud to call my home!

With love, Ksenija