Are you interested in Mexico? Would you like to visit this amazing country?

You already have everything arranged but you don’t know what you should visit? Where to go, what to eat, drink? And of course, what not to do? Do you need advice?


You are in the right place!


Mexico is a country that has captivated me with its history, culture, gastronomy and nature.

During 7 years living in Mexico, I had opportunity to visit many places, to do different excursions and discover some true hidden gems. And now, I want to share this with you.

What can you find in this blog? A little bit of everything!

History, Culture, Architecture, Music, Art, Food, Drinks, Nature, Tours etc.


If you need any tour advice, or you have a question about a place I didn’t wrote about yet, please email me.

Thank you for letting me be your guide.


Lets have fun!


From Mexico, with love – Ksenija Đukić de Ayala